August Updates!

I hope everyone has had a pleasant July! It’s hard to believe we’re in August already!

This month, I finally returned home to New Brunswick to see my family after a year and a half of separation. I hadn’t been able to return home until I had both my vaccinations, so it had been the longest I’d gone without visiting my parents ever. Normally, I would visit at least once a year at Christmas, and often in the summer as well.

It’s been a lovely month home, and my visit isn’t quite over yet! I still have about a week before I head back to Toronto. I really enjoyed seeing friends and family, as well as visiting some tourist attractions I’d never seen, or hadn’t seen for many years. Here are a few pictures from my trip!

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On the writing front, things have been slow going. But a break was much-needed! This past week, I’ve started working on making some final touches on a manuscript I finished in October 2020. I have plans to submit it a few places and see what happens. For the most part, I’ve been taking it easy and enjoying my time home. I’m looking forward to my last week of vacation, seeing a few more friends, and eating a few more East Coast treats.

I hope you all have a pleasant August! Expect to hear from me with a special update this month. Enjoy your summers and stay healthy!

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