March Updates

Hello everyone!

Another productive month for both writing and music! I worked further outside of my comfort zone, and made progress on an ongoing project. Check it out!

Writing Updates

As I mentioned in the February update, I was working on a short story. That particular one, called “The Night Lily Died,” is finished! It’s a little darker and more mysterious than my previous published work, and I really enjoyed exploring those themes. As a young writer in high school, I was often drawn to the dark and macabre, so it was fun to return to my roots a little.

Since finishing writing that story, I’ve been hit with inspiration to write more stories exploring similar themes. Currently, I have 4 planned out—and there will likely be more! I’m hoping to release them all once I have a decent amount to make up a collection.

To organize all my ideas, I’ve begun to use Notion. A while ago, writing Twitter was all abuzz on how helpful it was for organizing project ideas. As per usual, I have been slow to get on the bandwagon—but now that I’m on it, I understand why everyone was singing its praises. One of my favourite features of Notion is that it’s easy to move things around on the screen, and rearrange when necessary. It’s super user-friendly, and there’s lots of room for personalization with photos and emojis. Overall, I’m enjoying seeing all my ideas laid out in a way that doesn’t overwhelm me.

Music Updates

As you may have already seen on a previous newsletter update, my song “Stars” is available in a sheet music anthology of new art songs from previous entries of Sparks and Wiry Cries’ SongSLAM event. It’s such an honour to see my work in print among so many talented composers, especially since it’s the first time any of my composition work has been printed!

Buy the Anthology

I’m also in the process of finalizing my old short film tracks. Just a few more steps, and I’m done! I’m planning on releasing them in March to my Bandcamp and YouTube pages. Keep an eye out for that special update!

What I’m Listening To

This month, I listened to a lot of Joel Plaskett. He’s always been one of my favourite artists, and I have so many fun memories associated with his songs. I used to listen to him a lot driving to my music lessons in a neighbouring town. When I hear his music , I still picture the highways in New Brunswick with trees speeding past the car window. I think the longer lockdown continues, the more I’m drawn to listening to artists from the East Coast, as he is. It’s been longer than a year since I’ve been able to visit home, so visiting home through music is comforting.

Joel Plaskett has a long career and a large catalogue, but two of my favourites to listen to at the moment are “Highland Heart” and “On a Dime.”

I hope you are all staying safe and content. I wish you a good March. Let’s hope spring weather comes soon! - Abigail

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