Mid-Month Update!

Hello everyone! Welcome to a special edition of my newsletter! I’ve had a lot of things going on in both my music and writing life that I can finally share with all of you!

On a personal note, it’s my birthday today! If you would like to celebrate with me, why not purchase one of my books? All of them are available on Amazon, and some are even on my Ko-Fi shop as pay what you want! Check it out!

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And now, onto the news!


I was fortunate to be interviewed twice this month! Twice! That so rarely happens, so it was very exciting!

My first interview was with the Virtual Indie Book Fest talking about my 2nd novel We Go Together. Paola asked me so many intriguing questions about my writing process and I had a lot of fun answering them! Thank you Paola for shining a light on so many talented indie writers. I feel honoured to be in such good company!

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The second interview I did was over on fellow poet and composer Leon Steven’s website! It was a lot of fun to answer his questions. There, you will find both serious and whimsical queries that were very amusing to think about.

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New Promo

I’m taking part in another poetry promo with BookFunnel. Midnight is available for free through this, as well as four other poetry books and samples. I’m certainly excited to pick up a couple new free reads from this list!

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Exciting Music News!

Two short films I had the privilege of composing music for have been accepted into Flight/Mostra internazionale del cinema di Genova, a film festival based in Genoa, Italy! I’m so excited to see my work will be heard by international audiences in a country

Below are the words of Peter de Niverville, the director of both films (and also… my dad! Hi Dad!)

Vanitas Vivace, my latest short animation will make its World Premiere at Flight/ Mostra internazionale del cinema di Genova. (Genoa, Italy) Based on the original painting Vanitas Chicory, by the artist Barbara Safran de Niverville with newly composed music by Abigail de Niverville; it is a poetic and whimsical exploration of the interaction between wild plants and discarded objects found in a vacant lot. Also, my short animation, Will O'Wisps will be included in the programme. Will O'Wisps premiered at the Silver Wave Film Festival in Nov. 2020 in Fredericton and was recently shown at the Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival in June 2021. Flight/Mostra runs from Sept. 26-Oct. 2, 2021 in Genoa.

We Go Together Turns One

We Go Together has officially been out in the world for an entire year as of August 10th! I’m so proud of this book, even though releasing it during a global pandemic was less than ideal.

If you’ve had a chance to read We Go Together, please consider leaving a short review on Amazon. It helps me out a ton!

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Audiobook Update

As you may recall, I was in the middle of producing an audiobook for my first novel I Knew Him. I’m happy to report the narrator has finished reading the book, and I’m currently in the process of reviewing it. It sounds great so far! It really gives the words new life!

As soon as the audiobook is available to purchase, I will send out an update!

And that’s all for now, folks! I can’t believe all this happened and it’s not even the end of the month yet. I think… I might need to go lie down.

Thank you so much for your continued interest in my work. Have a great rest of the month! I’ll see you in September!

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